More About Me

OK so I am going to give a little more info about myself.. not too much as I don't want the crazies to think it's an open invitation to stalk me. I'm sure there is probably some computer nerd out there that knows my exact location and what I ate for breakfast. So here's a warning to those crazy types: I sleep with a gun nearby & have an alarm system (for real) and vicious hounds from Hell-o that will bite you. AND crazy tiger-like ninja cats that will claw your eyes out. HA!

So as you can tell, I do think I am a bit crazy.. but I heard the best people are. I am happily married to "AC" - we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on October 30, 2011. AC & I live in East Texas. We have 4 furry children (I swear it's from HIS side of the family). Here they are:




The Three Stooges -
Izzie, Orion & Lint
 Anyway, I think that is enough about me.. gotta keep some things a mystery.

--BeWitchy aka Nicole

P.S. I created a Facebook Fan page in case you have any questions, comments, etc
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