Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fellow Minions

I am going to be absent a bit from posting (not reading yours) in order to get my 3 Creepmas posts to 13.

Here's a sneak peek has to what is coming up:
  • Book review and Giveaway
  • Crafts/Decor
  • Food

Movie Ratings

Hansel and Gretel (1987)

Based on the fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm.

She Creature (2001)Two carnival workers abduct a mermaid in Ireland, circa 1900, and attempt to transport her to America...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In honor of Twilight...

Bartender Jason McGrady created these Twilight-themed drinks.

Twilight-Inspired Cocktails: Get the Recipes

New Moon (pictured above)

1 oz. vodka

1 oz. triple sec

1 oz. creme de violette

Stir contents in a shaker and serve up in a martini glass. Garnish with a piece of citrus cut out with a star-shaped cookie cutter.

**I would love to try this! & BTW I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn. I am just waiting for the teeny boppers to get their fill before I even attempt to go to the theater!

The Edward

1 ½ oz. Plymouth gin

½ oz. Licor 43

½ oz. Plymouth sloe gin

½ oz. lemon juice

Served on the rocks with a lemon twist

Full article: Click Here

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I wanted to share something that I wrote with y'all:

I want you to question what you believe.
I want you to be open to what you see.
Nothing is as it seems..

Hidden messages lie behind the eyes.
Smiles hide the loneliness inside..

Look beyond mere outward appearances..
Things are hidden in plain sight..
True character lies within..
Nothing is as it seems..

Too concerned with what others think
Your heart begins to sink

I want you to question what you believe..
I want you to be open to what you see..
Nothing is as it seems..

Funny enough I wrote this on my birthday this year (in Feb).
When did we start determining our own self worth from the opinions of others?

You must accept who you are. And to Hell-o to those who don't.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Michael's Steals

I have been terrible about procrastinating lately. I have needed to go to the grocery store since Thursday. My final breaking point occurred this morning. I had just awoken and felt a terrible hunger (unusual for me to wake up hungry) and I WANTED & HAD to have eggs.
I went to the kitchen and was hungry enough to wash one of my dirty pans, dry it, Pam it and turn on the stove. Man I couldn't wait... I opened the fridge.. and guess what?! NO friggin' eggs.

Ah anyway, I decided to procrastinate one more time by stopping by Michael's. I didn't expect for them to have any Halloween items left (nothing worth buying anyhow). Surprise surprise; lucky me! ALL of their Halloween merchandise was 90, let me say again, 90% off. Whooo hoooo! & I scored some really neat things for only $11.00.

Two eyeball balls (already confiscated & not pictured)
Halloween googly-eyes, grow a skeleton, damask picture frame,
Halloween scrapbook paper & die cuts, Candelabra ornament thing,
and of course a wreath... what could I be up to eh?
 Getting great deals... what could make Frank and I happier?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hallowday Gift Guide

So other bloggers gift lists have me thinking.. what would I want?
Take notes, a LOT of this just hit my list ;)

Creepmas.. birthdays, or just to show you care presents

Big Mouth Toys The Toilet Monster - Green
The Toilet Monster -

Glow-in-the-dark Zombie playset

Wizard of Oz Bobblehead - Wicked Witch of the West -  Funko - Toys"R"Us
Toys R' US


  • Grimm's Fairytales
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  • Max Brooks [The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead]

 Zara - Zombie Art Doll
Little Gothic Horrors
Plush Ghost, Creepy Rag Doll - Elliot
Vagabond Cafe

Funko Frankenstein


Mieljolie's Witch BOO't
Jewelry & Accessories:
SKULLERFLY- set of 4 skull with butterfly wings on small clips----ready to ship----
Etsy Seller Ironvine
Dead Girl Decay Red and Purple Sparkly Eyeball Flower Barrette
Livingdead Girl Nicole
Zombie Brain earrings  infected with red bead accent
Creepy Glowbugg
Zombie Pinup Ring - Style C With Gothic Background
Laughing Vixen Lounge
Get a self-zombie portrait.. or whatever your dark little heart desires
Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game
Bowling Zombies

How about a little game of... murder?

Oh No Zombie Board game

Magnetic Poetry Kit: Zombie
For the little refrigerator magnet poet


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Heck, why not? A dentist dream come true.. more rotten mouths on the way...
Scorpion Sucker- Apple
Scorpion Sucker
  • Ghost
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Harry Potter series
Too Fast Mortal Florista Bow T-Shirt Top at

For your Mom:
Resin Pumpkin Halloween Train

Vintage Halloween items on eBay

For the snake Lover:
Snakes in the Toilet Seat Cover
For the office:

I POP Monsters
Office Playground