Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Decor...

Yard stake
I went shopping today and discovered some incredible finds... of course I'm not going to go cray-cray and post everything. I did want to show this awesome yard stake (sorry the plastic is still on it) that I purchased from Michael's. It was oringally priced at $24.99 and I got it for a steal at $9.99! Totally made my day (Not to mention saving me some time)!

I also wanted to share some pics from around the house. I am still working on having everything done for the party this upcoming Saturday... I'm so excited! Of course some snafus occurred, but at least they have been minor thus far.
To the left is my gypsy table. I bought a real crystal ball last year (for my wedding decor). I bought zombie tea light holder from ABC Distributing. I used coins from leftover honeymoon currency (we went to Mexico). The book is a really cool copy The Hobbit. It has a really neat texture & a rich brown color (the title isn't on the outside of the book). I also made my own tarot cards.

 To the right is one side of my fireplace display. I used a paint marker to draw the words on and just hand painted the black pumpkin. I used a battery-operated LED tea light (just in case someone tripped over it). We haven't had rain in a LONG time, so I sure would hate to start a fire! We are actually under a burn ban (for the rest of the year) so my plans to use Tiki torches in my graveyard out front have kicked the bucket.

This picture shows some of the outside decorations. Ineed to photograph the cemetery.

 I love this! He decorates my driveway entrace flower bed.


I have now erected the wickedly delightful Ms. Elphaba Thropp. Gregory Maguire stated that she was beautiful... I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

M.M: "What a tragically beautiful face you have!Elphaba: "I'm the other one. I'm beautifully tragic."


I have compiled a list of crafting items that I need... okay so I don't really need these things, but I desperately want to own them! Here is the list of my foreseeable purchases:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Well time's a wastin'

I am SO ready for my "Ghoul's Night Out" party -- October 15th. It's tragic that my house is a mess, the lack of sleep and the fact that I have a midterm coming up...and I don't have a clue what information is going to be on the test. Well hopefully I can pull all of the big details together this weekend and have next week to clean and study! Have I lost my mind? Does anyone else act this way over Halloween?!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogger "Stalking"

Hello all! I have since completed my zombie hand.. where now to put it? And do I make a whole zombie hand army? Ha! I still have quite a few small projects I am working on, but in the meantime, I do enjoy Blogger stalking. Some of my favorites I follow, or I put them under the Helpful/Interesting Links. Check them out -- they are awesome!

Here is a site I ran across today:


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Various Projects

Coffins, masks,zombie hands (in the works)
 and I finished my 2nd spell book.
Will post pics when completed.
 Finished Zombie hand:


Side view
Here is one of the completed coffins. I just paper mache'd and painted.
I painted it black and then just added some gray to give it a little more interest.
I also added a gargoyle head. It came off of a tombstone that my lovely " fur children" ate.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Capturing a Witch in a Jar


I just finished a smaller project today .. a captured witch in a jar.
I was given the idea of capturing a fairy (thanks to Halloween forum). My local thrift store had a witch - so fairies, you are off the hook this time!
All the project entails is: one jar, paint, twine, witch (or other figurine), moss and some hot glue.
I couldn't find any spells online that I could post with her, so I just wrote one! You can "borrow" it for your project, if you wish.

Here it is:

Shrinking Spell
Chant charm as you boil two bones from a house elf, one lizard tongue,
1 strand of hair from intended enemy and 3 cups of putrid vinegar.

Do thy wish to do me harm?
Well then, here's my charm:
Tiny, tiny you will be
Shrink, shrink, shrink
Small as ever, you will see

Bound from magic
without the key
Tis truly tragic
for thee

Do not plea
Do not beg
Thou shall not be free

The charm also "works" on arachnids.

Halloween Fever

I know this post isn't about crafting, BUT I had to give a shout-out to Bath & Body Works. They have the cutest Halloween products!
Spiced Cider Concentrated Room Spray - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksMarshmallow Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

(Love the Marshmellow soap and the Spiced Cider room spray)