Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

So I have been brainstorming away for Creepmas.Thank you guys again for giving me something to stay busy! Here are some of my ideas -- let me know what you think and if you have any tips ;]

1. Always the essential Christmas wreath -- but add bones, webs, etc.
2. A black tree with webs
3. Black Nightmare Before Christmas stockings with some treats & a trick (it builds character...ha!)
4. Black and orange candy canes
5. Pumpkin bread with blood ooze (is this even possible & would it taste like shiz?)
6. Zombie elves, reindeer, etc.
7. Santa hat skulls
8. Purple & Black Christmas lights (outside)

Well I'm going to keep brainstorming... hopefully I can pull some things together.
I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS
I really LOVE playing the game "Bad Santa".
Here's how to play if you've never had the opportunity to play & steal someone else's present :]
  • All guests are asked to bring a gift. Every guest that brings a present gets a number. Number 1 gets to choose any gift and open it in front of everyone for all to see. Now #2 gets to either take the gift that #1 got or choose another from the pile. And it continues until everyone has a present. If someone takes another's gift the empty-handed person can either get one from the pile or take somebody else's gift. The rules are that once it is stolen from you, you cannot steal it back from that person. So no continuous back and forths. It's a really fun game and I really enjoy playing it at Christmas time.

Also, I have received my first blog award -- the  Liebster ("Dearest" in German) Blog award.
This honor was bestowed upon me by wicKED 

By accepting this award, I must follow the rules.
Which are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
2. Pass the award onto 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers.

Thank you wicKED for this award! Everyone needs to check out his page. It is honestly one of the best blogs out there & I check it everyday. (Yes I totally stalk his blog, but don't judge. You will too...)

And the AHH-mazing blogs I chose are:

"Happy" Guy Fawkes day......

He's not very happy
Creepmas has inspired me to put a bit of All Hallows Eve in every holiday. And that's exactly what I am going to do - Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, you name it! Of course it's not to be offensive to anyone, just for fun.
Here is my inspiration for Thanksgiving:

War paint & Feathers. I want to leave the
skull inside with my table decor.
I do apologize in advance if anyone is offended.
But if you actually sit down & think about it, this is the truth. The Native Americans saved the Pilgrims from starvation and the cold. The rest is history... whites steal from the Native Americans, kill them and send them to ... well we all know.
"President Andrew Jackson finished what the Puritans had begun 200 years before. In 1830, Congress, urged on by "Old Hickory," passed the "Indian Removal Act" which gave the federal government the power to relocate any Native Americans in the east to territory that was west of the Mississippi River. Though the Native Americans were to be compensated, this was rarely done fairly and in some cases led to the further destruction of many of the already diminishing numbers of most of the eastern tribes."  (

The Trail of Tears

So if anyone should be offended, it should be THEM.


A proud descendant of the Cherokee [[Texas]]
I am also Irish, Korean & just plain ol' white. And hey, there isn't anything wrong with that. Proud to be different~

Friday, November 4, 2011


I just so happened to hop over to AEIOU...and sometimes why blog & discovered the most exciting upcoming countdown... CREEPMAS! Sounds absolutely perfect with my whole "A Nightmare on Christmas" huh?!

 I am not going to waste time by repeating everything... JUST GO CHECK IT OUT :)

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

The official Creepmas Countdown site:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So whatcha gonna talk about now?!

Although All Hallows Eve has passed, I fully intend on trying to bewitch you all. I will post about crafts, cooking (my husband would laugh if he read this), parties... you name it. I will always try to find a bit of Halloween in everything. & I also love to read your blogs!

The next event that AC & I are hosting is A Nightmare on Christmas... Can't wait :]

So stay tuned...

Día de los Muertos (2010)

The adventures of our honeymoon (2010). Don't worry, it's rated G :]
The next morning (Oct. 31st), we headed to the airport destination: Cozumel, Mexico. I’ll make a long story short and zip us to Mexico. When we exited the plane, I was utterly shocked. There were stark white faces peering out at us, along with military personnel (and dog). I stared for a moment until I realized that these “living dead” was airport staff. We entered the line to go through customs and we had a dark angel (literally) lead us through each step of the process. I will say that Mexican Customs gets you into the country MUCH faster than U.S. Customs. They are also more courteous than our fellow Americans. 
Elaborately decorated skulls (including sugar skulls) are made for the day. It is said that the marigold flower symbolizes the rays of the sun, which is associated with life, so the deceased have not lost their place in the universe.

I was living the dream... I had been talking nonstop of seeing all of the Dia de los Muertos festivities… I had no idea that the locals would be dressed up at the airport. Heck, in the U.S., that would get you arrested, pat searched and most likely anally probed (and that’s just for starters).  But the airport was just the beginning.  I won’t go into excruciating detail about our stay in Mexico, but I will mention the most exciting event we attended: X-CARET! Not only were there MANY activities to keep entertained with, but they decorated every inch of that park.

Click on the slide!

I will say if you ever find yourself in Cozumel, drink a margarita for me at:

[[ Pictures taken by us ]]

Halloween recap

This Halloween has been so memorable (as it is our first as haunters). I can't believe how much enjoyment I got scaring the TOTs and their parents. Next year's planning has begun! :)

The day began early for AC and I. We had to finish cleaning, put final touches (like the mental-institution was actually leftover 50's dance flooring... ha!), make-up, cooking, creating our crime scene, the killer bathroom (which was very realistic) and carving our pumpkins. We received a lot of compliments on the bathroom and the crime scene.

Malfunctions occurred with the fog machine so we had to nix it. And apparently I am a klutz.. the next day, I had bruises and rashes (from running into the wall.. ha!). I was a damned ghost (I wore real leg-irons for the first couple of hours). I decided to take them off after visible swelling and bruising, but it was totally worth it. I also cut myself with my nails. I had grown them out, cut them to a point and painted them black. I don't think this part of my costume will be repeated. Cutting my nails was the FIRST thing I did after company left.

I zombified my in-laws (as much as time would allow). The TOTing started EARLY (I guess because it was a school night) so we weren't completely ready when the fun began (around 5:30).. we will start earlier next year. And we still aren't quite sure what my hubby was... killer with a fro maybe? I made special treats for the family & friends that came by. We let them tour our haunted home & had so much fun.. maybe too much fun... scaring them. I wanted to do a video so you all could see the total effect, but I forgot... Whoops.
Any how, here are some pictures.. I realize that I should have taken more, but hindsight is 20/20.

Bound and chained,
In this home forever I remain.

Ankle damage

I have bruising starting above my elbow and this nasty rash

Our totally useless window in our pantry
 ended up being a scare-blessing

I added a lot of photos to Photobucket. It takes 9 million hours to upload just a few photos to Blogger so I thought this would be easier. I added pics to try to show the different color lights I had up inside.