Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween recap

This Halloween has been so memorable (as it is our first as haunters). I can't believe how much enjoyment I got scaring the TOTs and their parents. Next year's planning has begun! :)

The day began early for AC and I. We had to finish cleaning, put final touches (like the mental-institution was actually leftover 50's dance flooring... ha!), make-up, cooking, creating our crime scene, the killer bathroom (which was very realistic) and carving our pumpkins. We received a lot of compliments on the bathroom and the crime scene.

Malfunctions occurred with the fog machine so we had to nix it. And apparently I am a klutz.. the next day, I had bruises and rashes (from running into the wall.. ha!). I was a damned ghost (I wore real leg-irons for the first couple of hours). I decided to take them off after visible swelling and bruising, but it was totally worth it. I also cut myself with my nails. I had grown them out, cut them to a point and painted them black. I don't think this part of my costume will be repeated. Cutting my nails was the FIRST thing I did after company left.

I zombified my in-laws (as much as time would allow). The TOTing started EARLY (I guess because it was a school night) so we weren't completely ready when the fun began (around 5:30).. we will start earlier next year. And we still aren't quite sure what my hubby was... killer with a fro maybe? I made special treats for the family & friends that came by. We let them tour our haunted home & had so much fun.. maybe too much fun... scaring them. I wanted to do a video so you all could see the total effect, but I forgot... Whoops.
Any how, here are some pictures.. I realize that I should have taken more, but hindsight is 20/20.

Bound and chained,
In this home forever I remain.

Ankle damage

I have bruising starting above my elbow and this nasty rash

Our totally useless window in our pantry
 ended up being a scare-blessing

I added a lot of photos to Photobucket. It takes 9 million hours to upload just a few photos to Blogger so I thought this would be easier. I added pics to try to show the different color lights I had up inside.

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