Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghouls Night Out 2011

Man, oh man, have I been busy! I have been putting together everything for my Halloween party, "Ghouls Night Out". Here are some tidbits.. I'm going to share more with you Saturday and Sunday...

Prizes for the costume contest.
[[Sexiest, Trashiest & Most Glamorous]]
Party Menu, Games & Entertainment

  • Witches brew-(apple cider)... Our local Wal-mart sells it by the gallon, but it is almost $5.  I am cheap and decided to try an alternative. I bought some apple cider flavored tea, added sugar and  Pink Lady apples into the cauldron.
  • Toxic Punch – my version of "trashcan" punch. Just some punch and vodka...
  • Pond Water and leeches  (Sweet Tea) with lemon (us Southerners love sweet tea)
  • Various sodas (that I have those Halloween labels for).
  • Frozen Snot (Jell-O shots).. I didn't use any of these recipes, but check out this site... too cool! I used lime jello and tequila.

  • Chips and Earwax (Queso)
  • Candy (Various)
  • Pirate Teeth Jell-O
  • Worm Dirt (Chocolate pudding with gummy worms)

Main Dishes:
  • Mummy dogs (hot dogs with crescent rolls wrapped around them.. commonly known as pig in the blankets.) with Chimera Urine Paste (Mustard)
  • Brain & Tumors (Spaghetti) Served with Rumpelstiltskin's Two-headed Goat Cheese (parmesan cheese).

Side dishes:
  • Swamp greens (broccoli, cucumber & celery slices) with ectoplasm (Ranch dressing)

  • Kitty litter cake (thanks to my mom’s boyfriend for making!.. or so they think)

  • Eyeball Cakes (Cupcakes with eyeballs obviously haha)
  • Treasure Hunt (I made up four different intros with two different "games" within a game.. If you want more info, just ask lol :)) and of course the two-woman team than wins, receives a prize (small "goody" bag).
  • Spirit of Children Charity Raffle - party goers that are interested can enter the raffle ($5.00 per entry). I am raffling off a 30 minute massage as the main prize. The more money that is raised, the more prizes that are added to the pot (I have some Bath and Body Work products). ALL proceeds go to the Spirit of Children charity (see link listed).
  • Costume Contest winners are chosen by the judges. The categories are: Sexiest, Trashiest and Most Glamorous. Winners receive a movie (picture shown above) and I might throw some more tidbits in as I go.

The kitty litter cake

Joni Duncan (Slumber party representative)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Give more than just Candy...

Halloween isn't just about handing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters, cleaning up toilet paper messes from high school goblins, or about scaring the yell out of people. Halloween is also about being a part of your community. What is a better way  to be involved, than through a charity? I will give you insight into two charities (one national & one local program) that I support.

Spirit of Children is a program (brought to you by Spirit of Halloween) that brings fun and funding to hospitals at Halloween and all year long. The charity focuses on hospitals that pays more attention to kids because they want to help to make hospital stays less scary for kids and their families.

Supported by Zombie Izzie

(Taken from the site)
"...This past year I will never forget one of our older patients got to pick a costume and he was so excited he told me because now his mom doesn't have to use her work check to buy him a costume and it would help her out! He was so worried about how his mom was going to find money for a costume and now she didn't have to worry... We are also going to use the money for weekly community re-entry outings. We will use the money to treat the kids to baseball games, cooking classes, go out to dinner, mall trips etc..."
Kim Adkins, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Casen's Crusade
I also want to mention a local charity that involves a friend's son. Casen was diagnosed with Batten Disease and his family strives to get more information about the disease to the public. Awareness is the first step towards reaching a cure.
Casen's Crusade 
Batten Disease

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bone Wind Chime

Okay, so I am completely obsessed with cardboard. It's universal and affordable. I watched the American Horror Story the other night and was inspired. Not by the show itself.. it was a bit too "weird" (for lack of better word) for me, but the animal bone wind chime.

I had thought about using real bones (chicken), but I didn't want to smell it later. So I used some extra bones I found in the garage. I wanted to give it a real "redneck", Wrong Turn kind of look so I used twine instead of fishing line.

Supplies: Bones, X-Acto, twine, cardboard, paint...
No animals were harmed in the making of this wind chime

Attached like so...

And painted.. I brushed some of the
bones to give that extra dirty look.
Not a glamorous shot,
but hey, it's dryin' :]

If you want to check the episode out for yourself, click the link below:
American Horror Story Pilot

Happy Haunting...

P.S. On a lighter note, I had to share this with you all. The only thing I could do when I saw myself in the mirror was laugh. Other thoughts such as, "I need some beauty rest" and "A face only a mother could love also" arose.


Monday, October 10, 2011


Well today's subject is... tattoos. I absolutely love tattoos; I have since I was a child. I would always put the temporary ones on and run around.. I dreamed of my first tattoo. Of course at that age, I also wanted pink and blue hair. But needless to say, tattoos have always enchanted me. I received my first tattoo at nineteen (I almost died at 19 as well haha) and my second at 20. It still calls to me to this day (at the ripe old age of 23 :)). I am addicted to the needle. Today, I went and had  permanent cosmetic tattooing to my eye (eyeliner). The experience was fantastic and very little pain was involved. I will post some pics below. If you want a history lesson about tattooing, then click the link below the mummified hand.. And of course, if you want to view some Halloween-themed tattoos, just Google it.. there are TONS, and I mean TONS of different ones out there. My eyes hurt & I don't feel like going into so much detail right now. I'm allowed to be lazy every now and then right?

Until tomorrow...

Sorry for the blur!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Frights & Delights (Flicks)

So in honor of this spooktacular holiday, I have compiled a list of MY favorite Halloween movies. Some of these movies I watch all-year round :) I didn't add any really scary movies because I'm a chicken and really don't watch them often. I also like to sit back and watch some of those terribly cheesy Chiller network movies :]
Feel free to add your own - I love movie suggestions!

Here they are(the ones I could remember offhand) and in no particular order:
  • Rose Red (the TV mini-series)
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Casper
  • The Witches
  • Beetle Juice
  • The Goonies
  • Resident Evil (All of them) 
  •  Muppet Treasure Island
  •  The Addams Family
  •  The Harry Potter series
  •  Edward Scissorhands
  •  The Nightmare Before Christmas
  •  The Corpse Bride
  •  The Craft
  •  Ghost Buster
  •  Silver Bullet
  •  Priest
  •  The Rite
  •  The Wolfman
  •  An American Werewolf in London 
  •  Sleepy Hollow
  •  Van Helsing 
  •  A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
  • Dorian Gray (2009)
  •  Igor
  • Wolf (1994)
  • Constantine
  • Devil's Advocate
  • The Ninth Gate
  • 9
  • End of Days (1999)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (series)

Zombie Hand #Dos

I wanted to make one more zombie hand for the cemetery sign (that I've already added to an earlier post). I still followed the basic instructions from Mizerella's site but I modified a bit.
Using the pen method

I added various pieces of what-nots to the fingers.
This added a bit of width w/out me having to wrap them 100x
with masking tape. In this pic I used those bread-tie things.

This is my hand all "masked-up". I made one of his fingers small
so that it would look like a missing digit. I also did not tape up some of the bottom.
 Leaving a bit of clothes hanger wire hanging out makes it a lot easier to put that bad boy in the ground.

I then used some paper mach'e. I painted it (I mixed cream & yellow).
My tape was unraveling very quickly!
I also added some blood onto the hand.

I then painted on some green to add even more dimension.
And squirted some more fake blood on it.

Placed it in front of my cemetery sign.

(Gotta love Photobucket). 

BOO to who?

I have been bummed out by the lack of enthusiasm in my neighborhood. My neighbor [Brandy] told me she believed we would be the only two in the subdivision to haunt our yards. I really hoped this wasn't so. 

Mission: To get to the bottom of this! This afternoon I am going to go for a stroll down the street (with my camera, of course!) and see what is truly goin' on.

Debriefing: Well I'm disappointed. There were only 13 houses (including mine) that bothered to do anything. Only two houses that put a little effort into it. (I gave credit to anyone who had something fall/Halloween themed in their yard or porch). Most had the occasional pumpkin or seasonal outdoor flag. I'm not complaining.. I mean, at least they did something. What troubled me was how many people haven't done a thing.. maybe they are waiting for Halloween weekend?

I hope this isn't a sign to come.. the death of Halloween?
Dying slowly and writhing?
 I hope not!

So come on neighbors! Let's haunt this joint!

P.S. I am definitely Boo-ing this year!
Below: These are my "Boos".. I filled them with a bit
of candy and a Halloween-themed hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Idea of Boo-ing from:

Be Very Afraid...

 Hello fellow haunters! I took some pictures (finally) of my front yard.. it is not in its entirety, but you get the idea. I have a couple of small skeletons hanging by twine and a crow in my tree. I also have the mailbox covered in spiderwebs and more tombstone that are out of the view of the camera.

I have the tombstones jagged so that trick-or-treaters (fingers are crossed) will use the natural path I made in my yard.
I will have my fog machine and strobe lights out the day of. I will also have a "crash" scene in my driveway. I purchased it at Spirit Halloween. I am going to "wrap" my car, like it's evidence.

Here to the right, is one of my favorite pictures. I made this zombie hand (see other posts).

The picture to the left is my pet burial scene. I am to add a bit more to this.. just don't know what yet. :)


I absolutely LOVE pumpkins and pumpkin crafts... esp. painting!I painted/decorated these last year for our wedding. Here are a couple of pictures of some of my creations.. a lot of the pumpkins were trashed or given away after the wedding.

Arghhh Matey