Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghouls Night Out 2011

Man, oh man, have I been busy! I have been putting together everything for my Halloween party, "Ghouls Night Out". Here are some tidbits.. I'm going to share more with you Saturday and Sunday...

Prizes for the costume contest.
[[Sexiest, Trashiest & Most Glamorous]]
Party Menu, Games & Entertainment

  • Witches brew-(apple cider)... Our local Wal-mart sells it by the gallon, but it is almost $5.  I am cheap and decided to try an alternative. I bought some apple cider flavored tea, added sugar and  Pink Lady apples into the cauldron.
  • Toxic Punch – my version of "trashcan" punch. Just some punch and vodka...
  • Pond Water and leeches  (Sweet Tea) with lemon (us Southerners love sweet tea)
  • Various sodas (that I have those Halloween labels for).
  • Frozen Snot (Jell-O shots).. I didn't use any of these recipes, but check out this site... too cool! I used lime jello and tequila.

  • Chips and Earwax (Queso)
  • Candy (Various)
  • Pirate Teeth Jell-O
  • Worm Dirt (Chocolate pudding with gummy worms)

Main Dishes:
  • Mummy dogs (hot dogs with crescent rolls wrapped around them.. commonly known as pig in the blankets.) with Chimera Urine Paste (Mustard)
  • Brain & Tumors (Spaghetti) Served with Rumpelstiltskin's Two-headed Goat Cheese (parmesan cheese).

Side dishes:
  • Swamp greens (broccoli, cucumber & celery slices) with ectoplasm (Ranch dressing)

  • Kitty litter cake (thanks to my mom’s boyfriend for making!.. or so they think)

  • Eyeball Cakes (Cupcakes with eyeballs obviously haha)
  • Treasure Hunt (I made up four different intros with two different "games" within a game.. If you want more info, just ask lol :)) and of course the two-woman team than wins, receives a prize (small "goody" bag).
  • Spirit of Children Charity Raffle - party goers that are interested can enter the raffle ($5.00 per entry). I am raffling off a 30 minute massage as the main prize. The more money that is raised, the more prizes that are added to the pot (I have some Bath and Body Work products). ALL proceeds go to the Spirit of Children charity (see link listed).
  • Costume Contest winners are chosen by the judges. The categories are: Sexiest, Trashiest and Most Glamorous. Winners receive a movie (picture shown above) and I might throw some more tidbits in as I go.

The kitty litter cake

Joni Duncan (Slumber party representative)

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