Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behind the Scenes

After the Party...
Even they were pooped
Well we all know that glitches come up at every shindig and mine was no exception.
Here's a list of bumps in the road that occurred this evening:

  • I had expected a minimum of 25 people (yep, they RSVP'D). I had prepared enough food to feed a whole army (and most of you know what that's like).It didn't help that I started working on putting everything together at 7 a.m. (thinking I would have a house full) - and I love my sleep! My hubby also loves it because I'm a total jerk without enough Zzz. I had goody bags (I sent one guest home with 7-8 just to get rid of them-- I didn't want/need to eat all of that sugar)! I know that some people had a valid excuse, but everybody?! I know which ones were lying, but that's okay... lesson learned.
  • Timing... Since it was a small party, it cut all the timing by 1/2. By the time we finished the treasure hunt, we still had an HOUR to wait until Joni came. So luckily I remembered another game (Mummy Wrapping) and we had a lot of fun watching everyone! Thank goodness I had extra toilet paper on standby.

  • I didn't make the money to cover the expenses for the charity raffle. I spent $50.00, but only made $40.00. I guess the raffle is out of the picture for the next party.

I will say that although everything didn't go according to plan, the party was a blast. I laughed more tonight than I have in awhile.. of course that's probably because I was under so much stress planning and organizing it! ha! But here are some (not all) of pictures that I promised. Of course I will not post any pictures of guests except one (it's one of my party rules to not "expose" anyone, but since you can't see their faces :) ha).

She was trying to pick her up to put her in the tree... don't ask :]
Treasure Hunt 2011


Anyway, Happy Haunting...

Oh & P.S. ignore the ugly wallpaper.. we just bought the house and that atrocious print came with it.

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