Thursday, October 20, 2011

Historical Cemeteries

I'm dying to go to our two local cemeteries (figuratively, not literally). Oakwood and Barron Cemetery both have some of the oldest grave sites in Tyler. I'm going to visit both of them sometime this week or next and will post about it when I do.
I wanted to share some photos my husband took while on a fishing trip in Jefferson, TX (also on my wish list of places to see).

Update: My husband told me the stories about these graves. Don't quote us as they are just heresay.

A Confederate & a Union soldier killed each other while chained together.
And we buried together... forever.

Grave of a baby

List of Cemeteries in Smith County:


  1. Great pictures! The second photo from the top is one of the most intricate grave coverings I've ever seen. I'm assuming it is a stone carving with a metal marker. Amazing detail! I would love to know the history of the person buried beneath it.

  2. From what I remember, a lot of the people buried in that cemetery had some pretty cool stories. I will have to ask my husband which ones he remembers. I will post captions under the pics as soon as I can. :]