Sunday, October 9, 2011

Be Very Afraid...

 Hello fellow haunters! I took some pictures (finally) of my front yard.. it is not in its entirety, but you get the idea. I have a couple of small skeletons hanging by twine and a crow in my tree. I also have the mailbox covered in spiderwebs and more tombstone that are out of the view of the camera.

I have the tombstones jagged so that trick-or-treaters (fingers are crossed) will use the natural path I made in my yard.
I will have my fog machine and strobe lights out the day of. I will also have a "crash" scene in my driveway. I purchased it at Spirit Halloween. I am going to "wrap" my car, like it's evidence.

Here to the right, is one of my favorite pictures. I made this zombie hand (see other posts).

The picture to the left is my pet burial scene. I am to add a bit more to this.. just don't know what yet. :)

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