Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zombie Hand #Dos

I wanted to make one more zombie hand for the cemetery sign (that I've already added to an earlier post). I still followed the basic instructions from Mizerella's site but I modified a bit.
Using the pen method

I added various pieces of what-nots to the fingers.
This added a bit of width w/out me having to wrap them 100x
with masking tape. In this pic I used those bread-tie things.

This is my hand all "masked-up". I made one of his fingers small
so that it would look like a missing digit. I also did not tape up some of the bottom.
 Leaving a bit of clothes hanger wire hanging out makes it a lot easier to put that bad boy in the ground.

I then used some paper mach'e. I painted it (I mixed cream & yellow).
My tape was unraveling very quickly!
I also added some blood onto the hand.

I then painted on some green to add even more dimension.
And squirted some more fake blood on it.

Placed it in front of my cemetery sign.

(Gotta love Photobucket). 

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