Monday, October 10, 2011


Well today's subject is... tattoos. I absolutely love tattoos; I have since I was a child. I would always put the temporary ones on and run around.. I dreamed of my first tattoo. Of course at that age, I also wanted pink and blue hair. But needless to say, tattoos have always enchanted me. I received my first tattoo at nineteen (I almost died at 19 as well haha) and my second at 20. It still calls to me to this day (at the ripe old age of 23 :)). I am addicted to the needle. Today, I went and had  permanent cosmetic tattooing to my eye (eyeliner). The experience was fantastic and very little pain was involved. I will post some pics below. If you want a history lesson about tattooing, then click the link below the mummified hand.. And of course, if you want to view some Halloween-themed tattoos, just Google it.. there are TONS, and I mean TONS of different ones out there. My eyes hurt & I don't feel like going into so much detail right now. I'm allowed to be lazy every now and then right?

Until tomorrow...

Sorry for the blur!!

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