Sunday, October 9, 2011

BOO to who?

I have been bummed out by the lack of enthusiasm in my neighborhood. My neighbor [Brandy] told me she believed we would be the only two in the subdivision to haunt our yards. I really hoped this wasn't so. 

Mission: To get to the bottom of this! This afternoon I am going to go for a stroll down the street (with my camera, of course!) and see what is truly goin' on.

Debriefing: Well I'm disappointed. There were only 13 houses (including mine) that bothered to do anything. Only two houses that put a little effort into it. (I gave credit to anyone who had something fall/Halloween themed in their yard or porch). Most had the occasional pumpkin or seasonal outdoor flag. I'm not complaining.. I mean, at least they did something. What troubled me was how many people haven't done a thing.. maybe they are waiting for Halloween weekend?

I hope this isn't a sign to come.. the death of Halloween?
Dying slowly and writhing?
 I hope not!

So come on neighbors! Let's haunt this joint!

P.S. I am definitely Boo-ing this year!
Below: These are my "Boos".. I filled them with a bit
of candy and a Halloween-themed hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Idea of Boo-ing from:

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