Sunday, October 2, 2011

Capturing a Witch in a Jar


I just finished a smaller project today .. a captured witch in a jar.
I was given the idea of capturing a fairy (thanks to Halloween forum). My local thrift store had a witch - so fairies, you are off the hook this time!
All the project entails is: one jar, paint, twine, witch (or other figurine), moss and some hot glue.
I couldn't find any spells online that I could post with her, so I just wrote one! You can "borrow" it for your project, if you wish.

Here it is:

Shrinking Spell
Chant charm as you boil two bones from a house elf, one lizard tongue,
1 strand of hair from intended enemy and 3 cups of putrid vinegar.

Do thy wish to do me harm?
Well then, here's my charm:
Tiny, tiny you will be
Shrink, shrink, shrink
Small as ever, you will see

Bound from magic
without the key
Tis truly tragic
for thee

Do not plea
Do not beg
Thou shall not be free

The charm also "works" on arachnids.


  1. Love the shrinking spell, did you write it? Thanks for being a Jabberwocky follower:)

  2. Sue thank you for your nice comment. I did write the poem :) I love your sites-- esp. Jabberwocky (loved yesterday's post and pics) and The Altered Alice! <3