Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I wanted to share something that I wrote with y'all:

I want you to question what you believe.
I want you to be open to what you see.
Nothing is as it seems..

Hidden messages lie behind the eyes.
Smiles hide the loneliness inside..

Look beyond mere outward appearances..
Things are hidden in plain sight..
True character lies within..
Nothing is as it seems..

Too concerned with what others think
Your heart begins to sink

I want you to question what you believe..
I want you to be open to what you see..
Nothing is as it seems..

Funny enough I wrote this on my birthday this year (in Feb).
When did we start determining our own self worth from the opinions of others?

You must accept who you are. And to Hell-o to those who don't.



  1. Sadly self worth has always been determined by the opinion of others. i think its worst when your a teen but luckily by the time your my age you could give a damn how any one judges you! Very nice Bewitchy.

  2. I agree (with both comments) & it does get better with age. It's just tiring at times. Not just in daily life, but magazines, the news, TV.. why is our society so negative? Why do we all gravitate towards the negative aspects of life and not toward somehting positive. Thanks for reading... I'll quit preachin ;)

  3. Very heartfelt BeWitchy, you have given words to an aspect of life that touches us all. I've learned over the years to watch my "inner energy meter". If something or someone drains my energy it's a very good indication that it is time to exorcise it/them from my life. The price for letting negativity into our lives is the loss of our emotional well being. Too high a price to pay!

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