Monday, November 14, 2011

Michael's Steals

I have been terrible about procrastinating lately. I have needed to go to the grocery store since Thursday. My final breaking point occurred this morning. I had just awoken and felt a terrible hunger (unusual for me to wake up hungry) and I WANTED & HAD to have eggs.
I went to the kitchen and was hungry enough to wash one of my dirty pans, dry it, Pam it and turn on the stove. Man I couldn't wait... I opened the fridge.. and guess what?! NO friggin' eggs.

Ah anyway, I decided to procrastinate one more time by stopping by Michael's. I didn't expect for them to have any Halloween items left (nothing worth buying anyhow). Surprise surprise; lucky me! ALL of their Halloween merchandise was 90, let me say again, 90% off. Whooo hoooo! & I scored some really neat things for only $11.00.

Two eyeball balls (already confiscated & not pictured)
Halloween googly-eyes, grow a skeleton, damask picture frame,
Halloween scrapbook paper & die cuts, Candelabra ornament thing,
and of course a wreath... what could I be up to eh?
 Getting great deals... what could make Frank and I happier?


  1. Great job on the finds. I hit a Micheal's today as well. They only had way over priced Halloween Floral arrangements and a few kid craft items left....

    This year was dismal for deals!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, there were quite a bit of those floating around here too. I agree - most of the sales have been a disappointment

  3. I love how Michaels Halloween finds trumped the grocery! I admire your priorities!

  4. Ps - that's my favorite Snape quote ever!

  5. Thank you Lady M :)

    I love that quote & Snape. He's so misunderstood..