Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the 3rd day of Creepmas...

we'll decorate the halls with... pumpkins.

It's something that's fun for everyone.. no matter the age.

Easy kid-friendly project: Put a santa hat on it and glue some googly eyes and had some cotton balls... instant Santa.
In the middle: Painting, etc.
Experienced: a wicked Santa carving like the one shown above.

I chose to paint Santa on mine...

Click here for Patterns/Templates

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  1. Very festive creepmas pumpkin!

  2. Fun idea, we Crypter/Creepers will find any excuse to have a pumpkin somewhere all year long. That carving is amazing!

  3. Thanks! :]
    @MG I know right?! The weather has been perfect, mine still haven't gone bad from Halloween. I'm thinking about painting the other one green and red... a pumpkin candycane LOL

  4. Great idea.... now to find a pumpkin!