Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the 7th day of Creepmas...

We'll catch up with my homeboy Gingy...

He attended a Ginger-Raid Party! (Which I wasn't invited to BTW)

Busted: Sipping on some Dew & gumdrops

& He started feeling sick, but wouldn't stop ...
moving onto pixie dust and malts,

He even called me to be his DD. Gingy.. you're outta control!

So this is what happened to poor Gingy:

Gingy terds & a cray-cray hangover.

It's the gumdrops Gingy! You know they are bad for you!!!

Here's the real story --- I burnt some gingerbread.
I told you guys in the beginning I would let you "see" the good and the bad awful. I was attempting to make gingerbread pumpkins (instead of men) for Creepmas. Apparently gingerbread is not for beginners (or igits.. I'm not sure which yet). I spread the dough all over my counter to roll it and it ended up looking like smeared poo. I gathered what I could and flopped it onto the pan to bake.

Smeared poo-dough with my decorative pumpkin cutter LOL

So the final product... "Burnt Gingerbread Terds".

So Merry Creepmas... it sure is going by fast.
Kisses from the kids


  1. Ha! Ha! Good story. I feel for poor little gingy - I've been there. I have not tried gingerbread in years but if you follow my sugar cookie recipe, it will work for you.

  2. LOL that was great. I must confess. I make obscene cookies for my best friend ever year. I always include a ginger bread cat poop.

  3. @LADY M - I will definitely look up the recipe. I am out of the gingerbread business.

    @WicKED - haha that's too funny!

  4. LOL Thanks for sharing! I tried making gingerbread once, you could have used the cookies to pave a highway.
    These really are perfect for Creepmus!

  5. "Burnt Gingerbread Terds".

    "I spread the dough all over my counter to roll it and it ended up looking like smeared poo."

    Thank you for giving me a great laugh first thing in the morning (in Australia). Hahaha!