Friday, September 30, 2011

Current Projects

I have just recently finished making spooky candles from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I have added the how to below. If you want to mount to the wall (which I did), just hot glue a thick piece of cardboard to the BACK of the finished candle. Make sure that it isn't visible from the sides of the candle. Then you can sticky tack (or tape) the candle to the wall without damaging the candle.

I am currently working on two spell books (see below for link). They have been the most fun projects to work on! Here are some pictures of them. These are still 'under construction'! I will post the final product when I finish them. I used a shoe box for Spell book #2 .

Book One:

Book Two:

Update: October 1st -- Painting (Finished w/ Book 1) -- Whooo hooo! Finally went to the craft store!
I want to add a bookmark, but I just haven't found anything that has suited me just yet.

Spell Book 2 (Only 1/4 painted & it's still wet)

I emded up gluing the flap down, so now the book doesn't open at all.
 I bought some magnets at Michael's which really weren't worth the money I paid for them.
I'm in a bit of a rush this year, so maybe after everything calms down,
I will try again.

Side view

Flap part of book

Front - Used paints to make the book look old

To see spell book(s) how to's:
Click Here

To see how-to for candles:
Click Here

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