Friday, September 30, 2011


Why hand out candy from a plain generic bowl, when you can make your own? I found this easy project in the Martha Stewart (2011) Halloween magazine.

Supply List:
1 Shoe box            
Hot glue (& gun of course!)                 
Stencils (optional)             
*There are two options for the finish of the grave and tombstone. You can cover the two with construction paper OR you can paint. I wanted to paint mine, so I purchased some acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby). If you want to cover with construction paper, then I advise also purchasing a craft glue stick.

1. We are going to focus on the shoe box first. Grab the lid and cut a hole in the center. The hole needs to be large enough for a hand to fit through. You can measure it out if you want an even cut, but it is not necessary.
2. The additional piece of cardboard is to create a tombstone. You can draw your outline or find one online that you like.
3.Cover/Paint your box, lid and tombstone. Leave the hole you cut earlier open. If you painted, then let it dry before continuing to the next step. I tried to make my tomstone appear weathered. Not sure if it turned out the way I wanted, but then again, I am my own biggest critic.
4. Grab your stencils (you can also freehand this). Decorate your tombstone however you want! (I used the traditional RIP).
5. I then hot glued my tombstone to the shoebox.
6. Hot glue moss, leaves and any other spooky accessories to your tombstone (or the box).
7. Place candy inside and your finished!

By the way: I highly recommend Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine. It is, in my opinion, the best Halloween magazine out in the stands.

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