Sunday, October 23, 2011


Killough Monument is a place known here in East Texas as "haunted". Locals say that eyes watch you from the trees and ghosts chase you. Rumors like these started because of the massacre that took place here on October 5, 1838. White settlers were out gathering crops unarmed and were attacked by Native Americans. Eighteen people were either killed or captured, which none were ever seen again. Some settlers survived and were able to tell their story.
I will say that that is not what I felt as I looked upon this silent lonely place. I felt a sadness for these people. Not only for what happened here, but for what continues to occur... vandalism. It is such a sad thing to admit, but I saw it for myself. Stones commemorating the dead were overturned, the gates were gone (my mother said there were black gates surrounding the place when she went there 20+ years ago), and a vile "bloody" t-shirt hung over a growing pine tree. I will not even dignify the perpetrators with a photo of their nonsense.
The monument itself is extraordinary. I will let the pictures speak for themselves...


This is one of the boulders guarding the green gate. 
The moss reminded me of fingernail marks...

Option 1:A. From the intersection of Highway 69 & Farm/Market (FM) Road 855 go west on FM 855 until you reach FM 3405. People say there used to be a sign.. exactly, USED to be. We learned that the hard way.

B. Turn left on FM 3405 and go just about .4 miles to FM 3411. FM 3405 is the FIRST right after Larissa Cemetery. There is a church on the left-hand side once you turn onto that road. The road is not far from the cemetery so slow down once you reach it!
C. Turn right on FM 3411 and go .6 miles until you reach FM 3431 with a green gate with a huge boulder on either side. It really is pretty creepy looking.
D. Turn left and proceed through the gate – the monument and cemetery are at the end of the road.
Option 2:
If you were like us and didn't have prior knowledge and used Internet directions, we just found a county road and hoped it would lead us there. In case you decide you want to do this: drive forever until you reach CO RD 3414. Turn left onto that... you will eventually reach 3411 and make that left. You will follow that road for an eternity and you will come upon 3431 on the right hand side. Trust me, go with Option 1.
Also, that drive is straight out of the movie Wrong Turn, I would suggest not going out there at night for two reasons. 1. There could be people vandalizing or conducting other criminal activities and you certainly don't want to get caught up in a situation like that. And 2, you could get lost; really lost and it's scary. If you decide to go for it at night, good luck and I warned you.


  1. How very sad. We have overturned headstones at our cemetery too. I will never understand why people do that. thank you for sharing the photos.

    Blessings, V.

  2. If I was stupid enough to vandalize something, I would NOT choose a cemetery, for fear of being haunted!

    Thanks for sharing - you can tell how creepy that place is - especially the stone for the twin girls!