Saturday, October 29, 2011

Treats + Friends = Spooktacular Times

My friends Dede & Channan hosted a housewarming party for AC and I. We had a blast and they were very good hostesses. We not only want to thank them, but also thank our guests. AC and I are very appreciative that you not only came, but also for your gifts. Here are some pictures. Oh, and Holly, I didn't take a picture of the "carpet" and used glue that you gave us.. haha! Funniest thing ever though!

Dessert table

The rat thought this dip was amazing too

Earthworms invaded the veggies!

I like my new tree :]

Swamp punch with a bloody hand...

Dede's Jell-O worms

I've got an eye for sweets

One of my bewitching displays

Orbs? Dust? Take your pick. I'm going with orbs.
They like to party too.

My webby living room

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