Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday's Errands

Today as been a go-go-go kind of day. I wisely decided to head out at 10:30 a.m. (as people are still in church) & was blessed with light traffic and very few occurrences of road rage. First stop: Lowe's. I picked up a Hobby knife set for less than three dollars and one black, red and orange energy efficient lights. I hope these lights give me the effect I am wanting inside of my haunted house. Spent $22.00 for everything. Next stop: Goodwill - they were closed... We don't have the blue laws anymore, but a lot of businesses are still closed on Sundays (you can't get  liquor either, although Smith County is "dry" anyways). Sorry, I rambled. So to ease the disappointment of not getting to go to the thrift store, I headed to Ross. If you don't have one, I pity your town... I love it! It's like Marshall's or T.J. Maxx, but even cheaper! Kind of like a thrift store, but everything is new. I purchased a few non-Halloween items, a pumpkin cookie cutter for $1.99 and a really cool Do Not Enter sign (pic right) for $2.99. I then bee-lined for Wal-Mart. I don't remember everything I purchased because I went cray-cray & just started throwing items into my cart. I managed to get out alive with an $80.00 bill. (By the way, did anyone else read these growing up? I love these books - it was hard for me to put it back on the shelf).

So on my way home, I noticed Marsh Farm Rd. I remember it as "Werewolf Lane" or "Werewolf Rd". This road was rumored to be haunted and the woods were filled with devil worshippers and an evil witch. It had a creepy bridge and the trees' branches blocked out all light from view. An old cemetery is also located on Werewolf Lane. The funny thing is, is that I played in this woods as a child (I had no idea they were "those" woods). My friend Maria and I also had our own club, which ironically we named ourselves as "The Wolves". I remember making that sign and putting claw marks on it and hanging it up in our dastardly clubhouse (the trees and whatever material we could scavenge of course). Anyway, the woods were creepy, but I don't remember ever encountering devil worshippers or any witches.Unless they used some memory charm..  who knows.

So back to my original story, I wanted to go back to Werewolf Lane and see how much it has changed since I was a kid. It doesn't even look the same; the bridge has disappeared, a new road has been paved, and the trees are cut back. I pulled up and noticed that the gates to the cemetery were closed. My guess it's due to vandalism. Darn. I took a few pictures from my car and was going to head back to the house. Then I don't know what got into me, but I got ballsy all of a sudden. I hopped out of the car and squeezed through the fence. I was scared shitless.

The one photo I was brave enough to take inside of the cemetery

I took a few pictures.. I didn't even have the guts to talk the whole cemetery. Honestly, I did a walk in and walk out. It was that scary. I noticed a fence separating the cemetery in two and thought that maybe there was another way to get in without looking like a criminal.
So I jumped in my car (with relief) and headed to what I thought would be an open entrance. Well I was wrong; the second entrance was closed and wires were added to the already thick green cattle guard fence (no slippin' past these). The driveway was so steep, I almost fell back into the ditch. I realized the road was trying to kill me, and left. I took a snap shot of what appeared to be the older-looking cemetery and shucked ass.
Due to low interest, the Foundation cannot afford upkeep. 
Monetary contributions would be greatly appreciated.
You may send them to:
Barron Cemetery Foundation
Norma Beddingfield, Treasurer
18367 CR 134
Flint, Texas 75762


  1. That's really sad that there's no interest from even the descendants in keeping the cemetery up. I really don't understand why people vandalize anything, let alone a cemetery!

    I loved the Little Critter books when I was a kid!

  2. It is sad... just a bunch of kids with nothing better to do.